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Welcome to the Fairfield United Soccer Association website. The Fairfield United Soccer Association (FUSA) is a non-profit organization run by parent volunteers. Fairfield United looks to provide an opportunity for youth soccer players in our community to improve their skills, play competitive travel soccer and enjoy the game. We aim to facilitate player development and promote the values associated with youth sports including teamwork, sportsmanship, and local spirit.  

Fairfield United currently sponsors boys and girls travel soccer teams from the U9 age group up through the U14 age group and into high school. Information about Fairfield United, its programs and teams is available on this site through the menu items on the left and top of this page.
Spring Schedule Update - Week of March 27th Only

Hi Everyone,


We all know we have no control over mother nature who sometimes works with you and other times against. This year we had weeks of warm weather working in our favor that were offset by last week's storm.


As many of you may be aware, the official start of the South West District travel season was pushed back from April 2nd to April 9th as a result of the significant snowfall. Please see http://swdcjsa.org/ for more details.


While most teams will not have their first games until April 9th, many have started their season or will start on April 1st or 2nd. 


Many of Fairfield's fields are not available yet. Several weeks ago when the start date was still April 2nd, we worked with the town, in an attempt to allow teams to practice before their first games. Fairfield Parks and Rec were very generous in allowing FUSA teams access to Tomlinson Turf for the week of 3/27 - 3/31. As we outlined in the note earlier in March, the plan devised in order to allot a practice time for each team before an April 2nd start with one field was to divide the turf up and have as many as 8 teams practicing at once in 1 hour slots. 


Now that many teams will not be starting until April 9th, a decision has been made to prioritize field access for only those teams with games on or before April 2nd.  


If your team does not have a game scheduled for April 2nd or sooner, your practices next week have been canceled. Teams with their first game on April 9th should plan to start their regular practice schedule the week of April 3rd.


If your team does have a game, your practice schedule is listed in the attached table. 


Tomlinson MS Turf Practice Schedule: March 27th - March 31st 




For those teams with games before April 9th, the reduction in teams utilizing Tomlinson will allow them a higher quality practice and an opportunity to be as prepared for their season opener as those starting the following week.


We thank you for understanding and please reach out to your parent coach(s) should you have any questions


FUSA Board of Directors



by posted 03/24/2017
Field Closures Policy

On days of inclement weather, this page will be updated by the Parks Department crews as they assess the conditions of the fields


**  Safe Organic Based Fertilizer will be applied to all fields starting April 15 through April 28.  **

O = OPEN                     X = CLOSED                BLANK = crews still evaluating - Please check back 

Fields will be updated between 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM on weekdays and 8:00 - 11:00 AM on weekends. 

Sport fields may be closed on an individual basis, i.e.: All softball/baseball fields may be open but all soccer/football might be closed. Tomlinson Turf Field never closes except if it is snow covered. 

OPEN / CLOSED SIGNS that are on the fields are to be obeyed. If there is a conflict between what this page says and what the sign says, you are to obey the sign. 

The Police Department should be contacted if groups are witnessed using a closed field. 

Leagues will be responsible for policing their own coaches. 

If it is found that leagues/teams are not obeying the policy, the Parks and Recreation Commission will void the league/team permit, and the following season that league/team will be the last team to receive a permit.



by posted 04/22/2015
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