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Welcome to the Fairfield United Soccer Association website. The Fairfield United Soccer Association (FUSA) is a non-profit organization run by parent volunteers. Fairfield United looks to provide an opportunity for youth soccer players in our community to improve their skills, play competitive travel soccer and enjoy the game. We aim to facilitate player development and promote the values associated with youth sports including teamwork, sportsmanship, and local spirit.  

Fairfield United currently sponsors boys and girls travel soccer teams from the U9 age group up through the U14 age group and into high school. Information about Fairfield United, its programs and teams is available on this site through the menu items on the left and top of this page.
FUSA Deadline Clarification

Dear FUSA family,


A recent email from the FUSA Board of Directors was inadvertently sent to our entire club email list, which may have caused some confusion for some of you. For that we truly apologize. As many of you know, the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association recently mandated that we migrate to a new registration system. While this will ultimately be a better system than the previous one, there are some bugs to work out so there will be some occasional issues like this one during the transition.


To clear up any confusion from our last email, if your son or daughter is entering high school this fall and has registered/tried out for a Spring 2019 HS-age FUSA team, there will be a second tryout opportunity in November after the high school season has completed. Teams will be formed after that takes place. Until you are placed on a team, there is nothing for you to do at this time and you may disregard the email that was sent. 


If your son or daughter (incoming 8th grade or younger) was placed on a wait list for a Fall 2018 FUSA team, we will not be able to inform anyone of movement from wait lists until we have confirmed acceptance or rejection of currently offered roster spots. This initial deadline is July 15, after which we will begin working through the wait lists. Please be aware that this historically has been a process that can take until mid-August to complete. Our registrars will be in contact with you should a position become available. At this moment there is no action you need to take.


If your son or daughter has been placed on a FUSA team for Fall 2018, please confirm or decline your roster spot within the registration system by July 15 if you have not already done so. Below are instructions on how to do this:

  • Click on the fusa.cjsalive.org link and log into your member account.
  • At the bottom of the page there is an “Announcements” section. Here you will see information on team placement for your players.
  • Please click on the “accept” or “reject” button to inform FUSA of your intentions.
  • If you have accepted, please then click the “Pay Now” button within the Account Balances section. This will provide you with options on how to pay and secure your roster spot.
  • If you do not respond by July 15th we will assume that you will not be accepting your child's spot and we will then replace him or her with a player from the wait list.


Many of you have also asked if it is possible to see your team’s roster. Full team rosters will only be visible after all players have accepted or declined roster spots.


If you have any issues with our new system please reach out to our registrars and they will be willing to help you.  For boys please contact Melissa Johnson at   and for girls please reach out to Anne Chapman at  .


Thank you and please accept our apologies again for any confusion we may have caused with our last email. 


Fairfield United Board of Directors

by posted 07/09/2018
Reminder: New CJSA/FUSA System

As team roster placements are being announced over the coming days, please make sure you log into your NEW member account at fusa.cjsalive.org to accept any roster placements.  

You do NOT need to register your player again, simply click the Accept or Reject button that is visible in the Notifications section at the bottom of your member home page. 




As mandated by CJSA, all registration and rosters must be maintained from the new system starting with the upcoming 2018 / 2019 season. As a result we are in the process of migrating to the new system in order to be compliant. 

Migration Progress To Date:

When FUSA was notified of the impending changes by CJSA in March 2018, we determined tackling the full migration in phases would be the best approach and identified the following phases:

  • Phase I - Configure the new system and run registration for 2018/2019 tryouts.


  • Phase II - Creation of teams and announcment for all rosters.


  • Phase III -  Configure and enable individual team pages.

PENDING - later this summer

  • Phase IV - Upgrade FairfieldUnited.com to new look and feel
PENDING - later this summer


Over the coming months we will be decommissioning this site and completing the migration process. We will keep the FairfieldUnited.com address so upgrading to the new look and feel will happen seamlessly. 

Thanks for your support and patience as we work through this transition. Please feel free to reach out to fusaboard@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions


by posted 06/24/2018
Field Closures Policy

On days of inclement weather, this page will be updated by the Parks Department crews as they assess the conditions of the fields


**  Safe Organic Based Fertilizer will be applied to all fields starting April 15 through April 28.  **

O = OPEN                     X = CLOSED                BLANK = crews still evaluating - Please check back 

Fields will be updated between 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM on weekdays and 8:00 - 11:00 AM on weekends. 

Sport fields may be closed on an individual basis, i.e.: All softball/baseball fields may be open but all soccer/football might be closed. Tomlinson Turf Field never closes except if it is snow covered. 

OPEN / CLOSED SIGNS that are on the fields are to be obeyed. If there is a conflict between what this page says and what the sign says, you are to obey the sign. 

The Police Department should be contacted if groups are witnessed using a closed field. 

Leagues will be responsible for policing their own coaches. 

If it is found that leagues/teams are not obeying the policy, the Parks and Recreation Commission will void the league/team permit, and the following season that league/team will be the last team to receive a permit.



by posted 04/22/2015
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